X Rolls Out Audio and Video Calling Feature: A Guide on How to Use It

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Exciting news for X users! The latest update has brought along a highly anticipated feature – audio and video calling. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of using this new feature, step by step.

Getting Started

To start using the audio and video calling feature on X, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. If you are using an older version, head to the app store and update it.

Enabling Audio and Video Calling

Once you have the latest version of X installed, follow these simple steps to enable audio and video calling:

  1. Open the X app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down and find the ‘Audio and Video Calling’ option.
  4. Toggle the switch to enable this feature.

Making Audio Calls

Now that you have enabled audio calling, you can easily make calls to your contacts. Here’s how:

  1. Open the X app.
  2. Select the contact you want to call from your contact list.
  3. Tap on the phone icon next to their name.
  4. The call will start, and you can enjoy a high-quality audio conversation with your contact.

Making Video Calls

If you prefer a face-to-face conversation, you can make video calls using X. Here’s how:

  1. Open the X app.
  2. Choose the contact you want to have a video call with.
  3. Tap on the video camera icon next to their name.
  4. The video call will initiate, and you can see and hear your contact in real-time.

Tips for a Better Calling Experience

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable calling experience, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid call drops or poor video quality.
  • Use headphones or earphones for better audio clarity.
  • Find a well-lit area if you are making a video call to improve visibility.
  • Keep your device charged to avoid interruptions during longer calls.


With the new audio and video calling feature on X, staying connected with friends and family has become even more convenient. Follow the steps mentioned in this guide to start using this exciting feature today. Enjoy seamless audio and video conversations with X!


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